This piece was created as a 60 second corporate identity animation for Renaissance Entertainment Productions in Orlando, Florida. The piece was modeled using polygons & NURBS with Maya and Blender. The animation was setup using point and aim constraints with animated weights and set driven key to the scene cameras for logo alignment with scene elements and cameras.

Three separate CCIR NTSC renderings were performed from Maya; (1st) RLA sequence for ray-tracing reflections, (2nd) RLA sequence for 2D motions blur using background shaders, alpha & Z-buffer information for compositing, (3) letter/logo animation with background shaders for depth-map shadow compositing on background turntable layers. The seperate renderings were composited from Maya IFF in Shake using depth information from the Z-buffer and additional post-production was performed using After Effects (DOF/text/transitions). Mastered on Avid Xpress to S-VHS.